Bionic Hearing Aid
"There has been a lot of interest in my hearing aids...I am a senior citizen, I can say these are as good, if not better than the ones I paid $6,000.00 for."
- J.M., Birmingham

"Of all the hearing aids I tried I like this one the best...It sure helps my hearing."

- L.T., Las Vegas, Nevada

"I would like to express my appreciation for the immediate response to my valid complaint. It takes people like you to keep the CUSTOMER happy and satisfied in order to keep your reputation intact and your business thriving. I shall definitely let you know when the order is received. Thank you again for your cooperation."
- E.S., Albuquerque, NM

"I can't believe how much difference this wonderful hearing aid makes!!!!!!! I can actually hear without asking someone to repeat things 10 times! There is absolutely no way I could possibly express my deep appreciation. I was a little discouraged when I found out how much these things can cost."

- C.P., Virginia Beach, VA

"Thank you so very much for designing and providing a product that significantly improves quality of life for such a reasonable price! I recently ordered the Lee Majors rechargeable hearing aid for my father. I was skeptical that I would even be able to convince my father to try the hearing aid but much to my astonishment, my father did indeed try the hearing aid and has noticed a definite improvement in his hearing. I have seen my father smile in a way that I haven't observed for several years! The idea that my father can now choose to hear significantly better i believe is the reason for his improved happiness. He had previously just accepted that his hearing would remain impaired and that the medical hearing aids were far too expensive for him to ever purchase. I am aware that you COULD charge SO much more for this product that offers the same results of hearing aids costing thousands more. Thank you again for improving the quality of life for my father! Your customer service is also fantastic! We have always been able to speak directly with very friendly, personable and helpful representatives!"
- J.T., Salt Lake City, UT

"Eight months ago, I bought a Lee Majors Rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aid. I have used it almost continuously during this period and I have nothing but praise for this product."
- W.K., Goodland, FL

"Thank you for the hearing aid kit and extra hearing aid which you sent to replace the defective kit we recently returned to you after a telephone conversation with Daniel of your office. We very much appreciate your kind attention to our request and you may be sure we shall continue to recommend the Lee Majors Bionic Hearing Aid to our family and friends."
- D.L., Horsham, PA

"I want to thank you so much for having such good hearing aids. They are better than $1800.00 ones my daughter bought years ago. I could never thank my daughter enough. I'm 75 years old and can hear again on the phone."
- E.C., Duncan, OK

"I am so pleased with my hearing aid that I have got to write and thank you for it. It is so handy to put in my ear and take out, and I hardly know I have it in. I was debating on what to do when my daughter, who is a real fan of yours from the Six Million Dollar Man TV series of some years ago, saw your ad on TV and ordered me one of your hearing aids. It was just what I needed for better hearing around the home. Thank you!"

- H.P., Boise, ID

"I recently purchased one of your Bionic Hearing Aids and I have been very happy with it. It allows me to quickly remove and replace it as the situation warrants."
- J.C., Auburn, MA

 "I’ve had 1 unit for 2 years now, works great for my application. I drive heavy equipment and wear hearing protection when working. The unit’s portable recharger and it’s ease of putting in and out of the ear work great in my case. I get about 6 hours on a battery charge."
- J. Campbell, MA 

"Audio quality is very good, and the battery life is about six hours. They must taste good also, as one of my Shih-tsus chewed one of them up, but fortunately did not swallow it or the battery. Comes with different size ear cups, a carrying/charging case, cloth bag to put the case in, an a/c adapter, a pair of batteries (so you can charge the unit when no a/c available), and a cleaning brush. Beats the pulp out of spending thousands on “Professional” aids."
-  L Murdock, CA

"This is my first hearing aid…but so far it works fine. No complaints. 
- G Marsh, CA